We are dependent on a variety of volunteers to make our program run smoothly. We understand that each person is uniquely gifted and that a family's current stage of life creates challenges and opportunities unique to that season. With those considerations in mind we attempt to offer a variety of volunteer opportunities that will both fit families needs and the needs of our program. Parents are asked give as much time as possible so that all our students benefit and we can maintain our low costs while filling critical roles with our volunteers. All families will need to serve in at least one of our critical needs areas. The volunteer committee will be logging the hours served by each family. Families unable to commit to serving in a critical needs area on campus will have the option of paying an op-out fee. Serving may include helping in a classroom, administrative duties, lunch supervision, clean up crew, and other areas as needed. 

Critical Needs: Lunch Supervision, AM Class Volunteer, PM Class Volunteer, Clean Up Crew            

Families will select one critical needs area or may choose to pay the opt out fee. Families should plan to serve approximately 8 times per year. This number will be confirmed based on the number of families enrolled in August.

LUNCH SUPERVISION: Volunteers are needed to supervise lunch each week from 11:00am-1:10pm. Roles include supervision of students and playground supervision when weather permits. All lunch volunteers will help with lunch clean up. 

AM CLASS VOLUNTEER: Parents assist in classes, monitor study hall and are available for a variety of tasks on campus. 9:00am-12:00pm.

PM CLASS VOLUNTEER: Parents assist in classes, monitor study hall and are available for a variety of tasks on campus. 1:00pm-4:00pm.

CLEAN UP CREW: This is one of our largest tasks and is a critical need every week. Cleaning the building is vital to maintaining our positive relationship with the church and can only happen with many volunteers assisting each week. Clean us starts as early as 2:30pm and we appreciate responsible teens assisting as well.

Service Teams: Families that are not able to serve in a Critical Needs area (lunch, AM, PM, clean up) and choose the opt out fee will still be responsible for serving for 30 minutes on campus (4 times per year) or choosing a special event team. On campus time can be the last 30 minutes while students are still in class. Teens age 14 and older may serve for their families Service Team volunteer time. As a volunteer run organization we are rely on the families participating to help in the maintenance of our program. If families cannot serve on campus on a service team they may select one of the 5 Service Teams listed below.

PARTY COMMITTEE: This committee is responsible for coordinating the Fall and Spring Showcases and the Valentine Party. Members have at least one planning meeting for each event and facilitate and run the set up and clean up of these events.

SHOWCASE: Teens and Parents are needed at Showcase to set up on Thursday before Showcase, help at showcase in a variety of roles and help clean up after the Friday night event. Sign up will be available at the end of each semester.

PHOTOGRAPHY TEAM: Team members will attend classes and events specifically to take pictures. A coordinator will schedule the events that need pictures. Photographers must be able to use dropbox, make a cd or be able to get pictures to the coordinator quickly.

FIELD TRIP COORDINATORS: Coordinators make all the plans and arrangements for a variety of trips and events. Coordinators should have good administrative and communication skills. 

DAY OF SERVICE: The last Tuesday of each semester is our Day of Service and we clean and make minor repairs to the building and grounds as a thank you to our host church. Tasks include cleaning windows, carpet cleaning, raking leaves, replacing light bulbs and more. 

We have limited class space and are using all available spaces to accommodate students. Parents will not be permitted to stay in hallways or empty rooms between classes with siblings not enrolled in classes unless you are volunteering. The playground is not available for families during class times. We do not have a playroom or space for parents to do homework with siblings that are not in a class. The public library is located very close (less than 8 minutes away) and can accommodate families that would like to have a space to work while students are in classes. We do encourage parents to stay on campus to volunteer and assist us in providing services to our students.