We meet at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church  in Greer, SC on Tuesdays from 8:30am-4:00pm. 

We offer a variety of classes for first-twelfth grade students. 

Kindergarten class is also available for students age 4-5 years.

Use the links below to find out more about classes. 

Vanguard Classes Overview Click Here

Age 5 Kinder Class

Age 6-8

Age 9-11

Age 12

Age 13

Age 14

Age 15

Age 16 and Up

Enrolled families may request a curriculum conference if they need assistance creating a high school plan of study. Vanguard offers a yearly transcript workshop to enrolled families to assist with making a plan of study and a high school transcript.

High School students may view courses by subject: Electives, English/Language Arts, History, Foreign Languages, Math and Science.  They may also select the link by age to see courses available.

Courses for 2024-2025 are being updated. Check back frequently for the most current schedules and classes.

Open House 2024-2025 is March 5, 2024 

New families interested in Vanguard for 2024-2025 are invited to attend Open House to find out more about our program.

Register to attend the 2024 Open House HERE

In an effort to accommodate the large number of students registered for classes we have expanded our course offerings. Please be aware that many of these classes will fill early so please be prepared to indicate a second choice of classes when completing the online class selection. Priority will be given to students registered for a full day of classes. The following classes can only be selected for students taking a full day or multiple classes: Girls' Club, Boys' Club, Sewing, PE, Culinary Arts, Drama, Choir, Geography, Exploring Lego, Lego Engineering, STEM.

Due to the high demand of many of these classes it is unlikely a student registering for just 1 high demand class will be admitted. 

Please remember students must be in a class at ALL times. Study Hall is not available for students under 12. Parents must pick up students as soon as their last class is over.

Students may stay at lunch IF they have a class at 11:00/11:30 AND at 12:30. Students should bring their own lunchbox (no peanuts) and after we eat we will play outside when the weather permits. 

Please remember students must be in a class at ALL times. Study Hall is not available for students under 12. Parents must pick up students as soon as their last class is over. If students under 12 register for classes that are not consecutive parents will be required to pick up students between classes.

Study Hall is available for students over 12 only. We have limited class space and are using all available spaces to accommodate students. Parents will not be permitted to stay on campus between classes with siblings not enrolled in classes. We do not have a playroom or space for parents to do homework with siblings that are not in a class. The public library is located very close (less than 8 minutes away) and can accommodate families that would like to have a space to work during classes. We do encourage parents to stay on campus that are willing to volunteer and assist us in providing services to our students. 

Please plan your schedule to include a minimum of 30 minutes of time on campus to volunteer. We are dependent on parent volunteers to maintain the quality of our program and to provide excellent service for our students. We have many areas to serve to fit the needs and interests of parents.

Class selection is a FINANCIAL COMMITMENT. Do NOT select classes unless you are committed to attending. You will be responsible for paying for any classes you select. We are unable to allow students to "drop" classes after the online class selection is submitted. If your circumstance changes you will still be responsible for paying for any class you select. If you are put on a wait list or do not get into a class you will not have to pay for that class unless you are admitted to the class.

Many homeschool families choose to teach their students using curriculum above or below the grade level of their public school peers.  To better help with placement of students in VHA classes we have divided classes by age. Because this is a group setting Vanguard priority will be to put students with same age peers. We recognize that many students are academically capable of doing work above grade level but we will not advance younger students into classes with teens. Occasionally a student's maturity level with make them more successful with a younger age group and we will consider these requests individually. In most cases students should register for the classes that match their age group. VHA will consider requests to change age levels on an individual basis.

Lunch is available for students from 12:00-12:30. We encourage students to attend lunch and meet other Vanguard students. Study Hall is available only to students age 15 and up.

To best select classes please use the links for each age for a grid of classes and prices as well as course descriptions.